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Whether you're staying overnight, multiple nights or experiencing one of our camps, Summit Grove has fun activities for the individual, family and corporate group. Below are some of the activities for those that like to burn some energy, if burning energy isn't your thing, there are many places of tranquility to simply take in and enjoy the surroundings of the Grove. In addition to the onsite activities, there are fun activities offsite and they're within close proximity of Summit Grove.

Wiffle Ball Stadium

What a fun activity for the family retreat, church retreat or corporate gathering. This can be a fun team building activity to play a game many of us enjoyed in our youth. Be challenged by the outfield wall and see if you can hit one over. The wall is taller in left field than in other fields to provide that extra challenge for those that can hit the long ball! When at the Grove this is just one of the many activities for your family, friends or group to engage in. 



Frisbee Golf Course

Another great family or team building activity. This eighteen hole course is strategically designed throughout the beautiful 43 acre grove. Each hole has a concrete pad from which everyone makes their first toss. The first one to hit the flag pole in the least amount of throws wins the hole. Score cards are available so you score all eighteen and determine the winner! Those that have played frisbee golf at the Grove can attest that this is one fun game to play by yourself or with others.

View the course layout!Camp Mission York PA

Outdoor Swimming Pool

After a good game of wiffle ball, volleyball, basketball, frisbee golf or whatever the activity, take a refreshing swim in our outdoor swimming pool. For everyone's safety, the pool is only open when a Summit Grove Life Guard is on duty.




Sand Volleyball Court

Who doesn't like to play volleyball, it's a good old traditional activity. This is another great family and corporate activity. Pick your sides, take off your shoes, and put your feet in the sand for some good volleys. Work up a good sweat before retreating to the swimming pool next to the court to cool off.



Basketball Court

Nothing like a good old pick-up game of basketball. This asphalt surface court will do the trick. Whether shooting some hoops with the kids, playing a game of "horse" or getting some good two team competition going; while at that Grove you can throw down some swishes if basketball is your thing. It's also a great activity for the kids to burn some of that bundled energy.



Jungle Gym

Who doesn't have some memory of playing on a jungle gym in your youth. For those with kids this is a great opportunity for the kids to climb around and make those same memories. A simple but fun form of entertainment for the kids.





Most kids find going in circles fun and the merry-go-round a simple joy. This is another one of those playground activities residing in most of our youthful memories. Your children will love you for spinning them around-and-around. When you come to visit, don't forget to create that unforgettable experience for your children spinning them on the merry-go-round.



Fire Pit

A camp fire is a great place to build comradery with church members, freinds and business associates. The glow and crackle of a fire reminds us of times when the pace was much slower. Plan for a camp fire while spending your time at Summit Grove.





Spend some time on the swings enjoying time with the children. Just because you're older doesn't mean you can't relive some of your childhood enjoying this simple activity in a wonderful setting.





Things to do Offsite that are in Close Proximity of Summit Grove

York County Heritage Trails

Access to the trails is only 100 yards from the Summit Grove entrance.

The Northern Central Railroad (NCR) and York County Heritage (YCH) combine to create a simply and awesome trail. Despite its proximity to Baltimore, this 41 mile long trail follows nearly all rural terrain (with much of it along side Gunpowder Falls River). The surface is fine crushed gravel and is in generally good condition. The trail is also well shaded, so it is nice even on the hottest summer days.

The NCR trail begins in the small community of Ashland, Maryland. It continues north for 20 miles to the Mason-Dixon Line. Here, it enters Pennsylvania and becomes the YCH. The trail then continues another 21 miles north to York, PA. (This includes the newly opened 10 mile section between York and Hanover Junction.)


Steam Into History

Step back into history within walking distance of Summit Grove in downtown New Freedom.

The William H. Simpson #17 is a faithful replica of the Civil War steam locomotive that carried Abraham Lincoln to deliver his now famous Gettysburg Address. These same tracks carried Lincoln's funeral train two years later. You can now ride the newly built 1860s replica steam locomotive with the newly built coaches that just arrived at the end of September 2013.

The Glen Rock runs are one hour long, the Hanover Junction rides are two and a half hours long.