Year Round Staff


Dustin Kunkle - Executive Director

Brandy LeBlanc - Guest Services & Office Manager

Melanie Beaver - Housekeeping

Facilities Manager - We're Hiring!

Food Services Manager - We're Hiring!

Housekeeping Manager - We're Hiring!

Interested in the Facilities Manager, Food Services Manager or Housekeeping Manager position?
Use main contact page to express interest.

Summer Staff


Kayla Flemmens (Day Camp Co-Director)

Charlotte Bodoh (Day Camp Co-Director)

Shawn Bettes (Executive Support)

Emma Day (Day Camp Counselor)

Hayley Leitzinger (Day Camp Counselor)

Anna Fiore (Day Camp Counselor)

Sam Gardner (Day Camp Counselor)

Allison Bennett (Day Camp Counselor)

Elle Hale (Day Camp Counselor)

Avery Henise (Lifeguard)

Rosy Chan (Lifeguard)

Brooke Knepper (Lifeguard)

Natalie Pruitt (Kitchen Staff)

Ashlynn Young (Kitchen Staff)

Caroline Dumm (Junior Day Camp Counselor)

Roey Bettes (Junior Day Camp Counselor)

Grace Hall (Junior Day Camp Counselor

Board of Directors


Bill Klees

Dave Williamson

Doug Conley

Doug Wahler

Duane Stine

Dustin Kunkle

James Connolly

Joe Burchill

Kevin Allison

Ralph Lashley

Terry Amig

Travis Lambert